Sensei Keith Bishop

Keith Bishop is a 6th Dan Karate instructor. He began his Goju Ryu Karate training in 1986 at Chelmsford, Essex, under Sensei Gary Webber. The club was later taken over by Sensei Kevin Nason. At this time they were members of the IOGKF, training under Shihan Morio Higaonna, Shihan James Rousseau, Sensei Len Sim and Sensei George Andrews. In 1991 while still with the IOGKF he gained his Shodan.

In 1993 Shihan James Rousseau and Sensei Len Sim formed Goju-Ryu Karate-Do International (GKI) both Sensei Kevin Nason and Sensei Keith Bishop joined them.

In 1997 he opened a Karate club in Chelmsford that is now situated in North Avenue, Chelmsford, where he teaches children and adults. He is assisted by Sensei’s Chris Clayton (3rd Dan) Paula Brooks (2nd Dan children’s welfare officer).