About GKI - Goju Ryu Karate International

Chief Instructor: Sensei James Rousseau (8th Dan)
Chairman: Sensei Len Sim (7th Dan)

Karate in action

* Self-Defence without weapons
* Dynamic offensive and defensive techniques using all parts of the body to maximum advantage
* Ideal for fitness, self-confidence and self-protection

GKI is a non-profit making organisation that is dedicated to the promotion and teaching of classical and traditional Goju Ryu Karate Do based on the ideas of Chjun Miyagi, the founder of Goju Ryu. GKI conducts regular lectures, seminars and special courses for all students, as well as a continuous training programme for instructors. Instructors have to conform to the highest standards, as set out by the organisation and are assesed on an outgoing basis.

Grading examinations are held at regular intervals for both students and instructors to ensure the development of the association as a whole. Tournaments and championships are organised at regular intervals. Members are encouraged to participate in national and international events.Karate in action

The Badge
The circle represents softness (JU). The square character in the center means hard (GO). The hardness is within the softness and contained by it. This is the balance between hard and soft. We need to build on a firm foundation, be strong on the inside and show gentleness on the outside. This reflects the balance between positive and negative. To be in harmony with nature we need a balance in our own lives.

In Goju Ryu Karate Do, many of the techniques appear soft on the surface but their strength flows from within. In both softness and hardness there is strength. Goju Ryu means hard and soft style. Karate translates as empty hand. This implies self defence without weapons. Parts of the body are trained and conditioned to be used as weapons.

Club History

Chelmsford Karate Club was first started at Springfield Chelmsford in 1984 by Sensei Gary Webber. Then in 1986 the running of the club was then taken over by Sensei Kevin Nason, who in 1988 moved it to its present location of Keene Hall Galleywood. Then in support of the Club, one of the first students from the Springfield Dojo (training hall), Keith Bishop opened his own Dojo in 1996 at Trent Road, Chelmsford.

In further support Sensei Terry Kinchlea opened another Dojo at Vicarage Hall, Galleywood in 2005. In 2010 Sensei Bruce harrison opened a Dojo at the Heritage Centre in Gallweywood, with training for kids and adults every Wednesday.

The instructors and students from all three Dojo's support each other in a friendly club atmosphere for the benefit of all. Our clubs welcome adults and children,beginner or experienced to learn a tradition martial art that is recognised around the world.